Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A day at Dover

For those who have never been, the notorious Dover Street Market is a fashion and fun filled shoppig environment. You can sometimes question whether you are at a museum or a retail store holding exquisite pieces by designers from Alexander Wang to Supreme and Prada.
Dover Street Market is such a different shopping experience like what you might get at Barney's or Bergdorfs because they showcase the designers in collections that invites you to interact and really get a feel for the clothes in the way the designer intended you to. Each floor has a different vibe and each designer section had a different theme. From the bright lights and sophistication from Louis Vuitton to the ultra modern theme at Thom Brown. It really puts forth what the designer invisioned the collections to be presented. 
Of course I was making a very extensive shopping list while I was touring the showrooms from the beautiful pearl and diamond ring (must have but probably never will own...sad) to the adorable little Comme Des Garçons teddy bears and colorful coin purses. I love the mix DSM has, one section has Vans and Converse tennis shoes while being on the same  floor as designers that have prices of their shoes tripple what Vans would price their shoes at. DSM blends together the high and lows so well because they know what is funky and cool and what works in the current trends and pairs them together without worrying about the price range because the DSM customer is much different then the Barney's customer who is looking for a chic and sophisticated environment and presentation. Not a place that displays their clothes in a museum like atmosphere that someone like Jeff Koons would gain inspiration from. 
I'm so excited to go back and see what Dover Street Market has to offer next season and to see how they decorated each floor. I truly do prefer the atheistic and environment that Dover offers much more than other equally high end department stores as it makes me feel like I'm not competing for the most expensive Lanvin or Balenciaga bag, I'm buying for myself and the love of fashion as a whole.  

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Around NYC: a trip to Doneger

There are some places one never thinks of going to in New York. One place for example would be Doneger Creative services, the forecasters of the fashion industry and thanks to them we in the fashion industry are always (well almost always up to date) on the newest trend, color and textile. 
On our visit to Doneger in Midtown Manhattan was so informative. We were introduced by the sweetest instructor, Michele who walked us through the daily routine of Doneger. From the sourcing to the selection of colors and textiles to marketing the books they send to their clients and so many other services they offer. As of now Doneger has a womenswear book but are soon launching their menswear book as there as menswear is increasing in popularity and acceptance.  
Doneger has been around for years and is known and welcomed by so many creative and fashion moguls from Stella McCartney to Wal-Mart. Using their services has the upper hand as they have full access all the time to all the employees in all different departments (if they have the premium package that is) while others can use other parts of their services without having full access but equal customer services. 
I have never been interested in fashion forecasting or even knew what it really is but after the introduction and walk through I realized it is essential to the industry. It is easy to take inspiration from others but nearly impossible to create something that has truly never been done before, and that is what they offer. Inspiration from the past and blending and transferring it to create something new and innovative. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Killer Heels

Traveling around NYC when you have a job, take a full load of classes and have somewhat of a social life can get pretty challenging. Fortunately I have a pretty awesome teacher who takes us to some equally awesome places around New York. The Brooklyn Museum was the most recent study tour to see the current exhibition, Killer Heels: The Art of the High-Heeled Shoe. 
As a high heel fanatic myself and advid shoe collector I appreciate the love for high heels and the art that they really are. It takes a skill to be able to treck around an office, club, restaurant or whatever wearing shoes that make your toes cringe but gives you that sexy arch and the height increase is also a major plus. High heels are a major piece of fashion, they contribute to the looks of the garments making them truly one of a kind. Designers collaborate with other designers to product collections that work together literally, head to toe.
From Christian Louboutin to Brian Atwood and Salvador Ferragamo the shoes that have been the foundation of fashion and the front runners of popularity. They have rocked the fun way hundreds of times and the streets of affluent and stylish celebs or above average women and men. They have influenced so many other designers. 
Experiencing all aspects of fashion is constantly inspiring as I truly learn and appreciate the industry that I strive to rain in. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

An Evening at the Museum

The MET: so grandiose and notorious for its wide range of exhibits, parties and fundraisers. It keeps our history alive and is a fixture of New York City and the upper east side. 
Not only is the MET a fixture to New York City but it is also a fixture to the fashion industry for its ever so popular events and historical fashion exhibits that are so beautifully curated to truly showcase the history, beauty and essence of fashion. The current exhibit that is being showcased is called "Death Becomes Her: A Century of Mourning Attire". It showcases women's funeral attire, dating back to the 1800's, it truly started the all black as an acceptable trend. Today you may walk down any street in any city and see women in full black attire, many might think she is sad or "emo" but really it is just fashion, she can showcase her style without any use of color as black is a neutral. I found one look quite spectacular and beautiful as there were two detailed gowns, they were very unexpected as it was a sea of black but it brought some light into the room. The room had the whole Edgar Allen Poe x The Raven look, dark and mysterious. It of course had that feel as they were mourning gowns. 
History evolves constantly and it is so nice to have a resource right in the city to look back and see what has been created in the past that has influenced life today. The MET is a fascinating museum and I highly recommend it to anyone who takes a trip to New York. Whether they are interested in fashion, Egyptian history to the renaissance era. 

Till next time. Xx 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Around NYC: International Playground

Spunky yet sporty, classy, not trashy but flashy. Pretty much sums up the style and theme of the well known domestic and international based warehouse/retailer International Playground. 
International Playground is founded on the fundamental blend of fashion, art, music and lifestyle with designers like Mary Meyers, Chromat and so many more international and American based designers. Each have their own unique spin on fashion, Chromat with their intricate swimsuit and body cages that can be seen on sites like Nasty Gal. 
Many designers that International Playground do business with are ones that are either ermerging or have already established themselves in the fashion industry. Some may be more established in other countries like Finland or Germany  where they have great recognition when foreigners travel to International Playground's Broome Street location in SoHo. 
As in intern at a PR agency I have came to learn that there are so many different faucets in the fashion industry, some well known and some people don't even think exist. The fact that International Playground have became a retailer with a brick and mortar location and online site and the wholesaler and PR firm; they do everything. It's nice for them do a lot for their clients because they build a strong bond. Also having a strong bond allows them to voice their opinion on the collections as they are the retailer and they know what sells and what doesn't sell as they are aware of the market and they can guide their clients in a direction that is more wearable for their target market. 
International Playground was so much fun being able to take a look behind the scenes, Jonny the co-founder is great as he truly knows what he is talking about and he really is passionate about his job and it is really nice to see someone who enjoys their job. Not to mention the fact that he personally knows Erin, my boss at Agentry. It truly is a small world. 

Till next time. Xx 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Scatter my ashes in Bergdorfs

One of my favorite places in the world, Bergdorf Goodman, so magical; rows and rows of beautifully lit jewelry cases filled with shines objects, rooms and rooms filled with pointy high heels with red soles and racks of delicate silks and tough leathers. A place so magical that it could move me to tears. On my 16 birthday my mom took me to New York for the very first time, I was in complete awe of the entire city and instantly fell in love. While on my trip she took me to the three B's: Bergdorf, Barneys and Bendel, and of course my favorite was Bergdorf Goodman. Much hasn't changed in the past four years since I was there last, the rooms are still romantically lit and the sales associates are still impeccably groomed and full of knowledge and ready to sell. 
This trip we were required to look at a few well known designers, Prada, Alexander Wang, Thom Brown, Alaïa, etc. each designer has their own room and their own take on visuals, but each and every will was beautifully presented.  
Bergdorf is the epitome of luxury fashion are is always on top of its game when it comes to marketing and positioning whether it be their online site or their hefty magazine that I grabbed while I was there. If your product is carried in Bergdorf then you know you have made it in the fashion industry as you are in a store where the biggest names are being carried and hundreds of socialites and celebrities and other notable people in the fashion industry go quite often. They see your product there and from that they give you so much street credit and help rep your brand. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

KSU around NYC: Tenant Museum


Last week the group and I traveled to a very interesting place in New York, a tenant museum. At first I didn't know what to even think because frankly, I've never heard of a tenant museum. Located in the lower east side, the Tenant Museum is known as a very historical faucet in the fashion industry. Years ago when the fashion industry started booming in New York City, the lower east side was a very popular place for immigrants to come and work and live all in the same location. Immigrants from Russia, Prague, Germany, Polish and so many more countries around the would would come to the states to take refugee and have the ability to start a new life and take care of their family. From mothers and father, their children, grandparents and strangers, they would all work and live in the same spot. I could never imagine working in such a tight area with people I really don't know, especially if there is no AC, proper plumbing and running water, not many windows and not to mention the constant fear of disease and infection as there is no proper medical facilities or proper way to care for wounds or illnesses. 
Tenants were the old school sweatshops as most of them got shut down due to the New Yorkers from the west side and wealthier areas of town realizing that many people were becoming ill with polio or tuberculosis and the fear that the clothes being sold to stores like Macy's and Brooks Brothers would contain the disease. We needed these tenant workshops because the products were being made domestically and there was a fast turn over as they were being created and sold all in the same city. Workers would be doing things on the product line from putting the patterns together, to the trims and finished to the ironing. Workers from all ages were working on the product line starting at children old enough to do small projects to help their parents, potential owners or workers, out. 
Unfortunately I was not able to see the full museum as a fellow classmate got extremely ill during the tour, I still found it extremely informative and it is such a large part of the fashion industry's history. We have the production line process and now because of what we learned from the tenant workshops. Personally I believe that it was wise for the government to shut down many of the tenant workshops because the workers were living and working in such an un livable environment. It wasn't fair for workers to work and live with strangers and working hours and hours in such poor conditions. We have learned from our past mistakes and now are enforcing the bring down of sweatshops around the world and are promoting products being created domestically because we have stricter laws and regulations versus sweatshops in countries like China and Bangladesh where a few years ago a sweatshop collapsed killing hundreds of innocent workers. If only that factory was properly maintained thousands of lives would be saved. The fashion industry is constantly evolving and all we need to do to keep it evolving is to listen and grow. 

Till next time, cheers xx
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