Monday, January 25, 2010

Lets Talk

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So, you really want to talk about sky-high, ubber sexy, who would ever think of wearing those shoes without breaking your ankle? Well lets start now. First, those Alexander McQueen shoes, WOW, I don;t know if I could put that in an any better way, how would you be able to wear those shoes without looking like a clawless animal? But besides that fact, they are one of the most creative shoes out there, and I don't think anybody out there could come even close to out doing those shoes. Next would be the Valentino lace pumps. They are gorgeous! With the lace easily flowing, and the simplicity, and the sexiness of those shoes just tie everything together nicely. The Viktor&Rolf shoes are just so much fun looking, I would wear those with a little black dress, just something to show off those shoes! The Lanvin shoes are SEXYSEXYSEXY!!!!! Just look at that heal, with the slight bend, and the other pair with the golden heal, also with that golden chained strap. That defiantly adds some sex appeal! Now we have the John Galliano super crazy shoes! They look like candied pearls, with that touch of lace on the side, and that platform those would be a major hit at parties! And I would think that most of you would know who makes this shoe. The famous Alexander McQueen. I simply cant get over this shoe. I mean just look at it!


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