Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wrap me in stripes

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UO cream tank (underneath yellow tank), UO sheer tank, Eccobay sweater

I got this sweater when I visited my friend in Boston at the cutest little vintage store ever! They had vintage Jimmy Choo, and all of those fun designers! This is made by Eccobay, never heard of them before but oh well. I determined that shopping in Boston is my new favorite spot to shop because first, everybody who lives in Boston has such cute style, second, they have my favorite designers one after another, third, my best friend goes to college at Boston University so I would get to visit her, and finally forth, the town of Boston is adorable, I love how old some of the buildings are next to new modern ones!
The details on this sweater is amazing, I don't have a great camera so I had to take the pictures on my mac, but if I had a good camera you would be able to see the buttons, they are like a woven basket, there such good quality buttons, and its very comfortable:p

1 comment:

  1. i stumbled across your blog and i'm liking it! :)
    that's a great vintage find - i love all things striped haha
    ps. check out my blog! :)


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