Saturday, March 26, 2011

It felt so Crystal

  • Forever21 dress
  • Old Navy leather jacket
  • Madden Girl booties
  • Forever21 rings
Wednesday March 16, 2011 School Outfit. 

I believe this was one of my outfits that I wore during my schools PSSA test. For those who have taken the PSSA's they are absolutely hell, I mean we have to sit and take tests that only pretty much benefit out school. I could completely fail this test and make my school look bad (but the new test goes on my college transcript, so I really wouldn't fail it on purpose). Its funny also because everybody kept asking me why I'm "dressed up", even though thats not even a "dressed up" outfit to me, thats what I look like everyday? But the people who were asking me were in their sweat pants and UGGS, so they obviously don't have a single clue what "dressing up" looks like. Im not hating on the fact that they were wearing UGGS, I own a pair myself, but I would rather not go out in public with a pair of shoes that make my feet look like a yeti from Star Wars (or whatever that movie is). 

Im done complaining for the day.

What I'm listening to: Shelter- The XX

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