Monday, October 24, 2011

All around me are familiar Faces

Monday, October 24, 2011 School Outfit.

  • Forever21 silk top
  • Levi's jeans (a steal at UO for $20 on sale!! GREAT BUY)
  • Vera Wang for Kohls heels
  • Chico's necklace
  • Target bracelet
  • Target blazer
What I'm listening to: Mad World- Gary Jules

So, where do I start. This week has been something out a movie I swear. It was all going so great, got the new iPhone 4S on Wednesday, went to a friends house on friday after my high school won the football game. It was like a yeah, we won the game type of party with all of the football players and such. So I got my new iPhone stolen that night. I left the phone in the bathroom for 5 minutes for me to come back and get it and it is completely missing, and the strange thing was is that someone turned it off because it had full battery when I went to the house. I am just so overly frustrated just typing this out is making me mad. Why do people do things like this? Are they such pathetic individuals that they have to make themselves better in making someones else life a miserable mess? Sure, you might think it is just a phone, but it really isn't just a phone.It is a $600 phone that my father bought for me to use an enjoy and not to get stolen. It just kills me to see what happened to trust and people being nice. 

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