Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Center stage, mixed Reviews

Wednesday, November 29, 2011 School Outfit.

  • Forever21 shirt
  • Vintage Moschino jeans
  • Charles David pumps
  • Forever21 ring
  • Grandmothers ring
  • Random necklace
  • American Eagle gold necklace
Long time no post! I have been so busy with things such as going to South Carolina to get my brother from the Marines! He graduated boot camp finally and now he is home for a few days before he is sent back to Camp Lajune, North Carolina for infantry training!I also have been so lazy and busy with getting caught up on my school work and seeing friends that I haven't had the thought to blog! Bad me, but it is alright, I'm back! 
What I'm listening to: The Soloist in the Living Room- Cold War 


  1. those are some sweet jeans! and also liking the hair!!

  2. You are looking great! Those pants are awesome.



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