Sunday, May 16, 2010

Everybody wants to explore the new Girl

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What i'm listening to: Newport Living- Cute Is What We Aim For

What do all of these pictures have in common? 

Lace would have to be my favorite summer piece, I absolutely love it, I think its very romantic and vintage, and I think it looks flattering on almost everybody! People may argue that too much lace is not good, but I have a lace top thats all lace and I always get so many compliments on it! I'll do a outfit post wearing it soon, its beautiful with a great chunky necklace, which I have yet to get:x OH maybe you guys could tell me what your favorite lace pieces are! Do you like a lot of lace, or just lace here and there on outfits but not taking over the whole outfit? And where do you buy your lace pieces from, doesn't matter if its a lace bag, to a lace jacket! Would love to have your impute!

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