Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A night at FIT

Tonight my roommates and I traveled to the FIT museum where they were featuring an exhibit that focuses on the pairing of fashion and dance. From George Balanchine to Martha Graham and Leon Bakst. Notable dance influencers that have changed the way dance will be performed then, now and the years to come. The pairing of fashion and dance are such a likely combination as the two focus on the body and movement and accentuating the body's silhouette. Creating lines that create an allusion of elongating the neck arms and legs, mimicking shapes and patterns of animals and other creatures to bringing back century old uniforms and costumes. So many designers over the years have been influenced by dance and they have used their imaginations to create dance costumes themselves. Working with The Ballet Russe or The New York City Ballet for shows like Rubies to The Nutcracker. Designers like Dior, Balenciaga, Prada, Rodarte and so many others have created one of a kind tutus, leotards, pointe shoes, etc to be showcased on the wonderful and magical stage. 
Walking into the museum, you could instantly get a feel for the dance passion, the hallway with still pictures of a male and female dancer in the mist of performing a contemporary piece. On the other walk they had a video of multiple dance performances like Swan Lake. Then walking into the room itself was so grandiose. So many mannequins dressed in impeccable pieces. My personal favorite were the pieces that George Balanchine used for his shows. They are really the quintessential dance pieces I would as a little girl dream of wearing. As a dancer for the past 12 years I have worn hundreds of different costumes and I always appreciated a well tailored and designed costume. They not only caught  the audiences and judges attention but they made the dance and me feel important and beautiful. 
Dance and fashion will always be a common pairing and I'm so excited to see what designers can come up with for the years to come to really emphasis on the beauty that dance brings. 

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