Wednesday, October 1, 2014

KSU Around NYC

Last week we had the opportunity to go to such a cool place-- a marking company where they make the markings for designers like Rag & Bone, Ralph Lauren, etc. Make a Marker is in New York city and has made their 'mark' in the fashion industry for many years especially as a new CFDA member.  We need companies like this because they don't become attached to the product like other companies in the fashion industry could. Also it's great to have a company in local New York because of a pattern maker is confused on a design for let's say a striped shirt then they can easily go to the actually location versus having to make multiple phone called to places over seas or in another state. What markers do is take the pattern that is sent from the pattern maker and cut the pattern, they ensure that the notches are all in line with each other along with the pattern being symetrical. Last thing a designer wants is to have a striped sweater not be straight. They also adjust the sizes of the garment to ensure that the fabric will have proper stretch and shape when it is cut for production. This process is so important because it saves the designer time to use a subcontractor to do the cutting and layout work so their garments are produced in a timely manner. Don't mind the car, lollipop in the picture, she just wanted to hang out. 

Till next time. Cheers. Xx  

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