Thursday, October 23, 2014

Scatter my ashes in Bergdorfs

One of my favorite places in the world, Bergdorf Goodman, so magical; rows and rows of beautifully lit jewelry cases filled with shines objects, rooms and rooms filled with pointy high heels with red soles and racks of delicate silks and tough leathers. A place so magical that it could move me to tears. On my 16 birthday my mom took me to New York for the very first time, I was in complete awe of the entire city and instantly fell in love. While on my trip she took me to the three B's: Bergdorf, Barneys and Bendel, and of course my favorite was Bergdorf Goodman. Much hasn't changed in the past four years since I was there last, the rooms are still romantically lit and the sales associates are still impeccably groomed and full of knowledge and ready to sell. 
This trip we were required to look at a few well known designers, Prada, Alexander Wang, Thom Brown, Ala├»a, etc. each designer has their own room and their own take on visuals, but each and every will was beautifully presented.  
Bergdorf is the epitome of luxury fashion are is always on top of its game when it comes to marketing and positioning whether it be their online site or their hefty magazine that I grabbed while I was there. If your product is carried in Bergdorf then you know you have made it in the fashion industry as you are in a store where the biggest names are being carried and hundreds of socialites and celebrities and other notable people in the fashion industry go quite often. They see your product there and from that they give you so much street credit and help rep your brand. 

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