Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Around NYC: International Playground

Spunky yet sporty, classy, not trashy but flashy. Pretty much sums up the style and theme of the well known domestic and international based warehouse/retailer International Playground. 
International Playground is founded on the fundamental blend of fashion, art, music and lifestyle with designers like Mary Meyers, Chromat and so many more international and American based designers. Each have their own unique spin on fashion, Chromat with their intricate swimsuit and body cages that can be seen on sites like Nasty Gal. 
Many designers that International Playground do business with are ones that are either ermerging or have already established themselves in the fashion industry. Some may be more established in other countries like Finland or Germany  where they have great recognition when foreigners travel to International Playground's Broome Street location in SoHo. 
As in intern at a PR agency I have came to learn that there are so many different faucets in the fashion industry, some well known and some people don't even think exist. The fact that International Playground have became a retailer with a brick and mortar location and online site and the wholesaler and PR firm; they do everything. It's nice for them do a lot for their clients because they build a strong bond. Also having a strong bond allows them to voice their opinion on the collections as they are the retailer and they know what sells and what doesn't sell as they are aware of the market and they can guide their clients in a direction that is more wearable for their target market. 
International Playground was so much fun being able to take a look behind the scenes, Jonny the co-founder is great as he truly knows what he is talking about and he really is passionate about his job and it is really nice to see someone who enjoys their job. Not to mention the fact that he personally knows Erin, my boss at Agentry. It truly is a small world. 

Till next time. Xx 

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