Tuesday, November 4, 2014

An Evening at the Museum

The MET: so grandiose and notorious for its wide range of exhibits, parties and fundraisers. It keeps our history alive and is a fixture of New York City and the upper east side. 
Not only is the MET a fixture to New York City but it is also a fixture to the fashion industry for its ever so popular events and historical fashion exhibits that are so beautifully curated to truly showcase the history, beauty and essence of fashion. The current exhibit that is being showcased is called "Death Becomes Her: A Century of Mourning Attire". It showcases women's funeral attire, dating back to the 1800's, it truly started the all black as an acceptable trend. Today you may walk down any street in any city and see women in full black attire, many might think she is sad or "emo" but really it is just fashion, she can showcase her style without any use of color as black is a neutral. I found one look quite spectacular and beautiful as there were two detailed gowns, they were very unexpected as it was a sea of black but it brought some light into the room. The room had the whole Edgar Allen Poe x The Raven look, dark and mysterious. It of course had that feel as they were mourning gowns. 
History evolves constantly and it is so nice to have a resource right in the city to look back and see what has been created in the past that has influenced life today. The MET is a fascinating museum and I highly recommend it to anyone who takes a trip to New York. Whether they are interested in fashion, Egyptian history to the renaissance era. 

Till next time. Xx 

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