Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Killer Heels

Traveling around NYC when you have a job, take a full load of classes and have somewhat of a social life can get pretty challenging. Fortunately I have a pretty awesome teacher who takes us to some equally awesome places around New York. The Brooklyn Museum was the most recent study tour to see the current exhibition, Killer Heels: The Art of the High-Heeled Shoe. 

As a high heel fanatic myself and advid shoe collector I appreciate the love for high heels and the art that they really are. It takes a skill to be able to treck around an office, club, restaurant or whatever wearing shoes that make your toes cringe but gives you that sexy arch and the height increase is also a major plus. High heels are a major piece of fashion, they contribute to the looks of the garments making them truly one of a kind. Designers collaborate with other designers to product collections that work together literally, head to toe.
From Christian Louboutin to Brian Atwood and Salvador Ferragamo the shoes that have been the foundation of fashion and the front runners of popularity. They have rocked the fun way hundreds of times and the streets of affluent and stylish celebs or above average women and men. They have influenced so many other designers. 
Experiencing all aspects of fashion is constantly inspiring as I truly learn and appreciate the industry that I strive to learn in. 


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