Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Around NYC: a trip to Doneger

There are some places one never thinks of going to in New York. One place for example would be Doneger Creative services, the forecasters of the fashion industry and thanks to them we in the fashion industry are always (well almost always up to date) on the newest trend, color and textile. 
On our visit to Doneger in Midtown Manhattan was so informative. We were introduced by the sweetest instructor, Michele who walked us through the daily routine of Doneger. From the sourcing to the selection of colors and textiles to marketing the books they send to their clients and so many other services they offer. As of now Doneger has a womenswear book but are soon launching their menswear book as there as menswear is increasing in popularity and acceptance.  
Doneger has been around for years and is known and welcomed by so many creative and fashion moguls from Stella McCartney to Wal-Mart. Using their services has the upper hand as they have full access all the time to all the employees in all different departments (if they have the premium package that is) while others can use other parts of their services without having full access but equal customer services. 
I have never been interested in fashion forecasting or even knew what it really is but after the introduction and walk through I realized it is essential to the industry. It is easy to take inspiration from others but nearly impossible to create something that has truly never been done before, and that is what they offer. Inspiration from the past and blending and transferring it to create something new and innovative. 


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