Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A day at Dover

For those who have never been, the notorious Dover Street Market is a fashion and fun filled shoppig environment. You can sometimes question whether you are at a museum or a retail store holding exquisite pieces by designers from Alexander Wang to Supreme and Prada.

Dover Street Market is such a different shopping experience like what you might get at Barney's or Bergdorfs because they showcase the designers in collections that invites you to interact and really get a feel for the clothes in the way the designer intended you to. Each floor has a different vibe and each designer section had a different theme. From the bright lights and sophistication from Louis Vuitton to the ultra modern theme at Thom Brown. It really puts forth what the designer invisioned the collections to be presented. 
Of course I was making a very extensive shopping list while I was touring the showrooms from the beautiful pearl and diamond ring (must have but probably never will own...sad) to the adorable little Comme Des Garçons teddy bears and colorful coin purses. I love the mix DSM has, one section has Vans and Converse tennis shoes while being on the same  floor as designers that have prices of their shoes tripple what Vans would price their shoes at. DSM blends together the high and lows so well because they know what is funky and cool and what works in the current trends and pairs them together without worrying about the price range because the DSM customer is much different then the Barney's customer who is looking for a chic and sophisticated environment and presentation. Not a place that displays their clothes in a museum like atmosphere that someone like Jeff Koons would gain inspiration from. 
I'm so excited to go back and see what Dover Street Market has to offer next season and to see how they decorated each floor. I truly do prefer the atheistic and environment that Dover offers much more than other equally high end department stores as it makes me feel like I'm not competing for the most expensive Lanvin or Balenciaga bag, I'm buying for myself and the love of fashion as a whole.  


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