Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A day at Opening Ceremony

Going home for Thanksgiving is cool, but leaving my queen size bed with a 6" mattress pad isn't cool. Also what is not cool is missing class in which happened to be at trip to Opening Ceremony in SoHo. Fortunately I ended up going by myself to write this lovely blog post for all of you to read. 
Opening Ceremony unfortunately didn't allow me to take any pictures, probably because they thought I was going to steal all of their intellectual property, or something like that. The atmosphere was so different from many other stores I've been in. It is quirky, random, high end, sophisticated, chic, messy all rolled into one store that carries an amazing array of equally random clothes. From the notorious staircase, to the the displays and the way the clothes are being hung. 
The founders,Carol and Humberto, based Opening Ceremony off the principle as mixed ethnicity and multi cultured. Howard street where OC is located is so notorious for being the home of so many brands like Rodarte, Alexander Wang, Band of Outsiders, Proenza, and man many more.
Being in OC made me feel like I was in my zen. I felt comfortable being in a place that is so imperfect, its beautiful. 


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