Tuesday, December 9, 2014

An afternoon in the Showroom

Sometimes I just can't seem to get away from showrooms, working in a showroom three times a week can be all I need. But a change of environment - showroom wise - is nice to mix things up. For class we took a trip to a blooming designer, Daniel Silverstein. Starting his career at a young age, actually a recent FIT graduate age. He landed a spot on the TV show, Fashion Stars where he was one of the youngest in the bunch, working side by side with the equally amazing and notorious fashion icon Nicole Richie. 

Daniel is such an inspiring designer, he started working as a knitwear designer at Victorias Secret where he came to realize how much waste there was in the fashion industry. We waste so much without even knowing because we ate so naive and just want those damn clothes. 
He wanted to change the way we looked at clothes, wanting us to appreciate the beauty that clothes have, but also the beauty of the environment and that we are in control of it. 
He is such an aspirational designer, wanting to change the world, one dress at a time. He also knows so much about the industry from the design, to the aspect of the fashion, just the industry as a whole. 
In his showroom which doubles as his design studio, I cannot imaging working in such a small studio but in the Garment District you work with what you have and make do and he does. whether he is working out of his small studio with only 6 other employees, or working out of his apartment in Brooklyn, he makes it work and in the fashion industry that is all you have to do. 


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