Monday, January 12, 2015

When in Firenze

Ahhhh the first day of school; so nostalgic, I remember my first day of school dating back to kindergarten. The first day outfit that took weeks to plan out, getting up early and having breakfast already cooked by my dad and coffee fresh on the pot. 
Unfortunately, the older I get the less I care about my outfit (as I already have an adapted uniform that I will wear throughout the whole year on repeat) and breakfast turns into a banana because I cannot afford groceries and coffee turns into microwaved half ass coffee that has been sitting for a few days waiting to be cleaned out and remade. None the less, the first day of school is always exciting, different friends, professors and classes. What makes this year special for me is that it is a new school year in a new state and in particular for this semester, a new country - Italy to be exact. 

The beginning of my journey in Italy was a relatively rough one, the starting with the flight being delayed, twice. Then once we touched down in Paris chaos struck all around the city, fortunately we were safe in the confinements of the airport. Touchdown in Florence was decent but when out cab driver took us to our apartment we couldn't find the street and drove around for what felt like hours. Once we found the apartment we struggled to hull all of our luggage up three flights of stairs as Italy doesn't believe in elevators - or something like that. All said in done, we were exhausted from traveling for hours and starving and without power and water as out landlord has yet to grace us with his/her presence. We stuck the hour and half long wait for her to bless us with electricity and water, then we took on the town trying to find something to drink and eat as we were famished and in dire need of a legal alcoholic beverage. Low and behold we live right near the Santa Maria Novella church which is absolutely beautiful, looks almost fake as the facade actually fake as it has been reconstructed over the years. Near the Santa Maria Novella there are many adorable restaurants that we stumbled upon, found one that was open and got seated. Five girls, five glasses of wine and delicious native Italian cuisine later we were stuffed and ready for bed. 
The next few days were full of mandatory orientation classes that covered some BS and blah blah blah, cut us a break were 20 years old and know how to take care of ourselves (well most of us do). We were so ready to explore the beautiful city, unfortunately were were drained and jet lagged and the only thing that we wanted to do for the first few days were to craw in bed and sleep...which we did. 
But today was the first day of class, reality struck and now I need to pull myself together and put the bottle of wine down and really focus this semester as I am not in New York anymore and where class didn't really exist and living a hungover life everyday was acceptable and expected after awhile. 

Truly this is not my first rodeo being outside my comfort zone, especially living in suburbia Pittsburgh, going to school in Ohio - but then spending five months in the middle of Manhattan and now another five months in Florence, Italy. I am so fortunate to have this year abroad, time to travel the world, see things that I might never see again, see things I read in books and dreamed of seeing, experienced and dove right into a culture completely unlike my own. New York City is the mecca of fashion and the fast pace life, Italy is the mecca of traveling, tranquility and culture. This is the start of a beautiful love affair, an city with so much liveliness and a city with so much heritage. I cannot wait to see what this semester will bring me; will I find my Italian stallion, my one true love (if you're out there, hit me up), will I find a hidden Picasso, climb the highest mountain in the world, swim the deepest parts of the sea? We can only hope. 


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