Saturday, February 7, 2015

Three things I'm Loving

1. Oversize Coats 

I am slightly obsessed with my BCBG camel coat that I bought in high school. You can usually catch me wearing it with my black hat or beanie with Converses and my leather jacket underneath. 

2. The "Stan Smith" x Adidas 
Seen everywhere this season, the Stan Smith is bringing back the 'laid-back' cool kid look when paired with cuffed jeans and a blazer or oversize black jacket. (And you can customize your own pair at

3. Shearling Jacket
Acne, the god of the shearling jacket is striking it hard this season and there is a soft spot in my heart for these wonderful and warm jackets. The buckles, zippers and overall goodness will sure be on my mind next time I decide to splurge. (Which I probably will never do since I am so broke)

Images via Pinterest 

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