Monday, February 9, 2015

Night time Craving:

Every once in awhile I crave something other than the newest pair of Valentino 'Rock Studded' heels or the Balenciaga sweatshirt that every fashion guru on planet earth owns. 
Right now, this very instance (appx 11:47pm, Italian time) I am craving my morning breakfast. 
Waking up every morning at 8:20 is a struggle in itself, but then I remember: I get to make my most favorite breakfast and have a cup of coffee, accompanied with my morning ritual of checking all platforms of social media on my cracked iPhone 5C, as I sit in the kitchen alone devouring my food in like three minutes.
What is this magical breakfast you ask? 
Ahhhhhhhh, thought you would never speak:
whole wheat toast x mashed avocado x smoked salmon x egg over-easy 
Top that with a dash of ground black pepper and chili pepper flakes and VOLIA!! 

Holy molasses, I'm starvin' marvin'. 

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