Saturday, June 21, 2014

Pearls and Tattoos

Sitting in my room watching Blackhawk Down and realizing how attractive all these men are. On another note, I have taken a selfie, ate some avocados with grapefruit and bought this Kate Moss x Playboy x Marc Jacobs shirt and wore it last night (I had to take a Snapchat of it). My dad looked at me as I left the house as if I was promoting naked people. But I mean it's Kate Moss how could I not promote her half naked on my shirt. 
As I continue my search for the perfect internship for the fall I cannot stop thinking of what I would wear to either the interview or my first day on the job. Personally, I would wear this shirt, unfortunately most people would not approve quite yet. Although I would easily wear this shirt with a white blazer and leather pants in the fall with some killer booties. 
I am constantly trying to figure out what 'style' I have. Am I a rocker type person, or a girly girl? Frankly I believe a I am the perfect mix of both; one day I will wear the cutest floral dress and the next I would wear my Pink Floyd shirt with my tattoos showing and my hair all messy as I haven't washed it or brushed it in a few days. I don't really think anybody needs to determine what style they have, style is just a term to describe someone quickly, it isn't a term to determine what type of person they are or their personality. Yes I have tattoos, but I also like to wear colorful gems and pearls. Does that necessarily mean anything? I think not. 

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