Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Daytime Inspo: Textile Day KSU Style

School has officially started and to kick off the new school year I am doing a post. For the remaining time in NYC I will be doing posts on not only my travels around the city, but I will also be doing posts for my class, NY Field Experience: Study Tour. The class is awesome because it involves us taking trips to either textile studios or to have others in the industry come in and tell us what it is like to work for the company. 

So today, it was a scorcher out (like 90*) but it was a great day. We went to multiple areas around the Garment District which was amazing because the KSU NYC Studio is right in the center of all the action as it is located on W 39th & 8th ave. Places we went to included the infamous Mood, which is one of the most renown fabric stores thanks to Project Runway. We also went to Elegant and Paron fabrics which are smaller fabric stores but equally amazing. We also took a trip over to, "The Button" which is the kiosk for info about the Garment District. They have so much info that you can go in and ask who makes taffeta or silk and they can put together a list of fabric stores or factories in the area that create those textiles. To end the tour we went to the most amazing magazine store, as an avid magazine enthusiast and future journalist; I died and went to heaven. The magazine store was called Around the World and they literally had magazines from around the world, from American Vogue to Russian Vogue to Carine Roitfeld's book which included Kim K on the cover. 

The importance of these stores in reference to the fashion industry is absolutely curtail. Sure these stores were not necessarily the largest of carried the fanciest fabrics and trims but they gave us an overview of what designers need to create the garment. Each store had its own jazz, one had amazing faux furs while the other had an amazing array of tweeds, each fabrics that are constantly being shot on the runways and infamous people in the industry. It is great to see that we have great fabric stores so close to us because it makes it accessible to learn about different fabrics and materials than having to spend so much money importing them from other places around the world and not knowing what exactly that fabric is created with. 

Till next time... xx

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