Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Full speed Ahead: NYC Livin

A cute little snack my roomie Alexa prepared for me.
Hotel Hugo rooftop bar


My girl crushes, Bambi & Alex from 4th and Bleeker 

Philip Marie brunch (bottomless mimosas & bloody marys...oh my god)

Here is a taste of what I have on Instagram of my experience here in NYC. I post a ton so make sure to keep up! 

It is pretty easy to say that I am LOVING my life right now. New York is practically my soul twin, there's so much to do without ever getting bored. Thank god because my severe ADD/ADHD disables me from living anywhere else because how bored I get. The food is amazing (and expensive) the clothes are amazing (and expensive) the atmosphere is amazing (and smelly) but I love it all. 

Keep up because you never know what I could do next... like going to the US Open. Oh wait, I am going to the US Open (heheh). 


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